Just Run

Sometimes you just have to take the ball and run.

Yeah, sure, you can look around if you want to. You can allow life to blindside tackle you. You can make sure there is a nice path that will allow you free passage.

No worries.

Or, you can see a little bit of daylight, tuck the ball, and run like there’s no tomorrow.

There might not be.

You can’t be sure of what will happen if you do. You just know it has to be better then what’s been happening.

So, you just run.

You run because you’re scared. You run because you’re unsure of how many more tries you’ll get. You run because it’s your only chance.


You won’t waste it by standing still. You won’t waste it by not trying. You sure as hell won’t waste it by looking to someone else to run for you.

It’s your ball.

It’s your moment.

It’s your time. It’s your destiny. So tuck the ball under your arms.

           Hold fast to it like the fading dream that it is.

                   Hold fast to it because others will try and take it from you.

                            Hold fast because life will get in the way.

                                    Hold fast to it and run.

Just run.

The end zone is just ahead.

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About poweroftoday

I am a highly motivated dude. I am here to get you on the same page. I will give you the tools needed to make it happen, but only if you want to. Let's take a journey together. Grab a cup of coffee and pull a chair up. Oh, yeah... Live it LOUD!
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